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Sydney Animal Behaviour Service (SABS) is the premier behavioural medicine practice in Australia. It is the only behaviour practice in NSW run by a Registered Veterinary Specialist in animal behaviour and behavioural medicine, Dr Kersti Seksel, together with her resident in behavioural medicine Dr Grace Thurtell. Both are veterinarians so they can assess not only the mental health of their patients but also their physical health.

Dr Kersti Seksel is the only registered veterinary specialist in NSW. She has qualifications that are recognised in Australia, NZ, USA and Europe. Grace has completed the Centre of Veterinary Education (CVE) behavioural medicine course through Sydney University and has undertaken further studies in Behavioural Medicine. She expects to complete her residency training to become eligible to sit her exams to become a specialist by 2022.

Both Kersti and Grace are Fear Free Certified Professionals. See Fear Free Pets for more details on what that means for you and your pet.

It is now well recognised that many behaviour problems are due to fear, stress, anxiety and pain. Anxiety and pain are medical problems not a training problems so although training may help, it will not resolve the underlying cause. Behaviour problems may also have other underlying or concurrent medical problems, therefore assessment by a veterinarian is very important rather than relying on training to help resolve the issue.

Since 1992, cases from all over Australia involving dog, cat, bird and horse behaviour problems have been assessed by the team at SABS. Problems such as elimination disorders, aggression, fears and phobias, separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, cognitive dysfunction are commonly seen. These conditions and many others have been successfully managed.

By using evidence based scientific methods and up-to-date, humane behaviour modification techniques (that do not use punishment), environmental management and sometimes medication (that is individually tailored to each case) our aim is to help your pet become the best pet they can be!

We look forward to helping you and your pet. 

Latest News

Your Pet not Coping with Fireworks?

Dr Kersti Seksel provides advice for pet owners on Channel 7 News program, re helping their pets cope with the noise of fireworks! To read about this, go to Channel 7 Protect, calm, care for anxious pets during New Year's fireworks displays... .

Treating Mental Health Problems in Companion Animals: An Interview with Dr Kersti Seksel!

Dr Kersti Seksel, who has dedicated her career to studying and working in the area of animal behaviour, is interviewed and provides insights into an area that afects all companion animal owners! To read the interview, go to Treating Mental Health Problems in Companion Animals... .

Pets on Prozac!!!

Mark White's article in the SMH Good Weekend March 20, 2015 on the use of Prozac to treat animals with behaviour problems, features Dr Kersti Seksel speaking on this controversial topic. The article includes a link to video featuring Dr Kersti Seksel speaking on the topic. To read the article and view the video, go to Pets on Prozac... .

Animal Hoarding -A Sensitive Topic!!!

Dr Kersti Seksel speaks on a "Human Animal Science" podcast about the sensitive topic of Animal hoarding. for more details, go to Human Animal Science Podcast... .

Vets Handling Your Behaviour Questions Better?

Dr Kersti Seksel discusses how vets could possibly approach behaviour type questions from animal owners in a better way, resulting in the owner departing their practice feeling that they are more knowledgeable. For the full article, go to Small Animal Talk -How can vets do behaviour better?...

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